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Buy A Day Pass & Catch Unlimited Rides To Your Favorite Winery, Breweries, Eateries & More. Shuttles run on Saturdays from 1pm - 9pm

Safety Shuttles is closed for the season.  Shuttle services will be back in the Spring 2023.  

Shuttles will pickup and drop off passengers at the arrival and departure times for the Oceanside LIRR Train Station.

Shuttle Service runs for eight hours in a loop.  The shuttle has a max capacity of 14 riders.  If the shuttle is at max capacity, it will drop off the riders at their destination and come back to pick-up the riders at the last location.


We do our best to have the shuttle arrive at every location once an hour. 

Please do not look at this shuttle service as if it were an Uber, that you can call when you are ready to be picked up.  Follow the live tracking app to see where the shuttle is at all times.  If the shuttle passes your location without stopping, it is because the shuttle is at max capacity.  If this happens, the shuttle will be back to get you shortly.

**As of October 2022, below are the only Shuttle Stops**

Pouring a Pint

Click on our links below to purchase your $10.00 Day Pass for eight hours of unlimited rides on our Oceanside based Safety Shuttle Bus.


Day passes are good for one day and are valid on the day of  purchase only.

Check our Tours & Pours app for real time tracking so you can catch the Shuttle from your current spot to your next stop!  Shuttles will arrive at each approved location approximately every hour to pick-up or drop off our guests. 

Enjoy any of the amazing stops on our Safety Shuttle route like the local craft breweries, winery, eateries and more!

Come explore some well-known establishments and some hidden gems.  Remember, you drink & we’ll drive. 

See you in the Spring

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